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rich and decadent, luxuriously laced with cacao and vanilla

This is a real treat, satisfying your need for a brew and your chocolate craving all in one! A velvety smooth and sophisticated blend of Assam and Yunnan black teas with Peruvian Cocoa Nibs, and Madagascan Vanilla Pods from a small co-operative.

Drink it bare or dress it up with milk and honey or date syrup for a comforting cuppa choc-full of goodness.


Ingredients: Assam (India) and Yunnan (China) black teas, cacao nibs, ground vanilla pod

50g | 40 cups | 19p per cup

50g is enough loose herb to brew 10 pots of tea (2 cups per pot).

Each pot can be re-infused twice.

Brewing Guide Per Pot :

5g | 350ml filtered water

95 °C | 2 ½ minutes

All our teas are packaged in fully biodegradable packaging.

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