• Image of JASMINE DRAGON PEARLS (Organic)
  • Image of JASMINE DRAGON PEARLS (Organic)
  • Image of JASMINE DRAGON PEARLS (Organic)

enjoy the sweet, intoxicating aroma of pure fresh Jasmine flowers unravelling in your cup!

This special tea harvest takes place in spring when the buds are strong and powerful. The pickers only pluck the slightly opened, delicate buds. The next stage is scenting. The long silvery tea buds are delicately hand-rolled and partially pan dried in a wok before being blanketed with pure fresh Jasmine flowers and left to absorb their aroma. The fresh flowers are replaced each evening for several days and finally removed before the tea is ready - there's no perfume or added flavouring here! To finish, the freshly flavoured tea leaves are rolled by hand into pearls, marbled with tips of sage green and silver.

The pearls unfurl to release the sweet, intoxicating Jasmine aroma, and a deliciously velvet smooth taste - indulge slowly, sip by sip.

Origin: China

Region: Hunan Province

Tea Garden: The Qingshan tea garden is a sizable estate including 350 acres approved for organic farming. The garden is set in a mountainous landscape with an altitude of around 750m and is part of a peninsula in the middle of an artificial lake. Of the 200 families living in the area, 148 are involved in tea production.

Taste: Jasmine, honeydew melon, sweet hay


Ingredients : green tea scented with fresh Jasmine flowers (no artificial scent or ‘natural’ flavourings!)

Brewing Guide :

50g | 40 cups | 22p per cup

50g is enough loose herb to brew 10 pots of tea (2 cups per pot).

Each pot can be re-infused twice.

Brewing Guide Per Pot :

5g | 350ml filtered water

80 °C | 2 minutes

All our teas are packaged in fully biodegradable packaging.

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