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sweet and vegetal, without any bitterness

Recommended as an everyday drinking tea for overall health and well being. Our go-to, easy-drinking green tea is hand-picked from tea bushes growing high up in the fresh mountain air where the flavour in the leaf is concentrated by plenty of soft rain, warm days and cool nights. Hand-rolled in a hot dry wok the tea master creates the characteristic twisted shape and chestnut aroma.


Ingredients: Chinese green tea

Origin: China
Region: Chun'an County, Zhejiang Province
Producer: Farmer Weng Xiajiao
Altitude: 1000m
Process: Wok fired
Taste: Green bean, cashew
Aroma: Chestnut, asparagus

1 x 35g packet gives you 60+ cups
Based on making 10 pots (2 cups per pot)
Infused three times (the second infusion usually tastes best of the three!)

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