• Image of HONEY ORCHID
  • Image of HONEY ORCHID

a harmonious dance of sweet fruit, floral and mineral notes

Growing only in Guangdong, south east China, these rare tea bushes cling to the rocky slopes of Phoenix Mountain and send down deep roots for nutrients and moisture. They grow so slowly that each leaf develops an intense flavour which is enhanced by a light charcoal roasting. A celestial mix of fruit, floral and mineral notes to dance on the tongue and make your heart sing.

Origin: China

Region: Wu Dong Mountain, Guangdong

Producer: Mr Cao Zhide

Taste: Orchid, peach

Aroma: Honey, grape

Liquor: Amber

Body: Rich, medium-bodied


Ingredients: Chinese dark Wulong tea

25g | 60 cups | 20p per cup (including 15% off)

25g is enough loose herb to brew 10 pots of tea (2 cups per pot).

Each pot can be re-infused three times.

Brewing Guide Per Pot :

2.5g | 350ml filtered water

90 °C | 2 minutes

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