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an impressive Chinese black tea with a mild forest honey aroma and a slightly earthy, sweet finish

A wonderfully balanced and smooth black tea with plenty of character, grown in Yunnan, one of the most traditional tea growing areas in China. Soft, full-bodied notes of cedar wood and subtle hints of forest honey complement deeper chocolate notes appearing in the second infusion.

Only the single top buds with the first fresh leaf are hand-picked and rolled with the lightest touch to produce bright golden twists, making this a first-grade tea.

Origin: China

Region: Yunnan Province, amongst the Wuliang mountains at an average altitude of 1500m.

Tea Garden: The Dongzhai tea garden is managed with a focus on ecological and social responsibility. All teas are exclusively hand-picked and mostly processed manually.

Taste: cedar wood, forest honey


Ingredients: first-grade Yunnan black tea

50g | 40 cups | 22p per cup

50g is enough loose herb to brew 10 pots of tea (2 cups per pot).

Each pot can be re-infused twice.

Brewing Guide Per Pot :

5g | 350ml filtered water

95 °C | 2 - 3 minutes

All our teas are packaged in fully biodegradable packaging.

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