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  • Image of FLOWER MOON (Organic)
  • Image of FLOWER MOON (Organic)

an enchanting blend herbs for dreaming, creativity and connection

Damiana and Mugwort are a match made in heaven; perfect for dreaming, creativity, and enhancing libido - our creative force.

Sage has a special power to clear emotional obstructions from the mind and promote calmness and clarity.

Rose is known for its uplifting, calming, mood enhancing properties, while Lavender is a classic go-to herb for insomnia, relaxation and relieving tension.

Enjoy during your creative process, in social situations, dancing, in connection with a lover, or to wind down for bed. This infusion is also great for relieving tension headaches and menstrual tension.


Ingredients : damiana, mugwort, sage, rose buds, lavender, cornflower

22g | 40 cups | 12p per cup

22g is enough loose herb to brew 10 pots of tea (2 cups per pot).

Each pot can be re-infused at least twice.

Brewing Guide Per Pot :

2g | 350ml filtered water

100 °C | 3 minutes

For a more intense brew, we recommend making a decoction – boil the herbs in a pan with a lid on for 15-20 mins. Strain and serve.

All our teas are packaged in fully biodegradable packaging.

Disclaimer: The information we provide about the actions and properties of our products is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition, or act as a substitute for seeking professional medical advice.

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