• Image of FLOWER MOON (Organic)
  • Image of FLOWER MOON (Organic)
  • Image of FLOWER MOON (Organic)

beautiful blues and purple hues for dreaming, creativity and connection

A magical blend of herbs known for their uplifting, calming, mood enhancing properties, along with an energising yet relaxing effect. Damiana and Mugwort are a match made in heaven; perfect for dreaming, creativity, and enhancing libido (our centre of creativity). Sage has a special power to clear emotional obstructions from the mind and promote clamness and clarity. This tea can also be used for relieving menstrual tension and it's great for anxiety.



Ingredients: damiana, mugwort, sage, rose buds, lavender, cornflower petals

1 x 25g packet gives you 60+ cups
Based on making 10 pots (2 cups per pot), infused three times

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