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  • Image of DREAM CATCHER (Organic)
  • Image of DREAM CATCHER (Organic)

a vibrant blend of relaxing herbs for promoting deeper sleep and sweet dreams

The relaxing and sedative properties of passionflower leaf and lemon verbena can help you on your way to a better night’s sleep. Passionflower leaf is said to activate the dream enhancing properties of the other herbs in this blend.

Gently uplift your spirit with sweet cardamom and rose, open your lungs and breathe deeper with peppermint, and calm your mind with sage.


Ingredients: passionflower leaf, lemon verbena, rosehip, rose, cardamom, sage, lemongrass, peppermint, fennel

22g | 40 cups | 10p per cup

This pack contains enough loose tea to brew ten pots of tea (two cups per pot) and each pot can be re-infused at least twice.

Brewing Guide Per Pot :

2g | 350ml filtered water

100°C | 3 minutes

We recommend opening the cardamom pods before brewing to release more flavour.

Drink around one hour before going to bed.

For a stronger effect, try making a more potent infusion with half the amount of water or double the amount of herbs.

All our teas are packaged in fully biodegradable packaging.

Disclaimer: The information we provide about the actions and properties of our products is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition, or act as a substitute for seeking professional medical advice.

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