• Image of BENGAL TIGER CHAI (Organic)
  • Image of BENGAL TIGER CHAI (Organic)
  • Image of BENGAL TIGER CHAI (Organic)

a sweetly spiced chai, luxoriously laced with fragrant saffron and vanilla

This is our signature chai, luxorious and like no other: generously spiced with cardamom and cinnamon, with subtle hints of ginger...but it's the fragrant saffron and vanilla that make this chai so distinct. In India, chai is drunk after a meal as the spices have cleansing and digestion promoting properties. Best enjoyed without milk to pick up all the layers of flavour.



Ingredients: Assam black tea, green cardamom pods, cinnamon, cassia bark, ginger root, saffron, ground vanilla pod

1 x 50g packet gives you 66+ cups
Based on making 11 pots (2 cups per pot)
Infused three times (the second infusion usually tastes best of the three!)

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