We consider the health of the planet and our own health as inherently inseparable, and so we try to do what we can to support both.

· All our teas are packed in fully biodegradable packaging

· All our teas are loose-leaf and plastic free (no teabags!)

· All our herbal infusions and true teas are completely free of synthetic or ‘natural’ flavourings and additives – no hidden nasties

· We strive to use herbs that are ethically grown and responsibly sourced. We use certified Organic herbs, and wherever possible we use Fairtrade, Fair For Life and FairWild herbs too.

· When it comes to true teas (i.e. from Camellia Sinensis) we source organic leaf teas from small accredited and certified organic tea gardens, either directly, or through trusted suppliers who have close relationships with the producers. Certified organic tea is produced using sustainable farming methods, which is good news for the planet and for people because the farming methods prohibit potentially harmful synthetic chemicals and protects the soil for generations to come.

Disclaimer: The information we provide about the actions and properties of our products is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or condition, or act as a substitute for seeking professional medical advice.


Good quality tea doesn’t have to cost the earth - loose-leaf tea like ours can be re-infused multiple times and we encourage you to do this. A lot of love and energy goes into growing, harvesting, transporting, blending and packaging it before it gets to you, so let’s make the most of them. And when you’re finished, you can compost the herbs too.